Eyes Will Roll by Dani Molyneux


Dotto is the type-twisting creative studio of artist and designer Dani Molyneux, bringing change through words and working with people who have something to say, and want to say it loud. Dotto is about community, collaboration and taking up space. Powerful messages through playful type. 

For Creative Boom, Dani has created an exclusive print titled Eyes Will Roll. "It's for the moments that require it," she says. "A small act of defiance. Inspired by a pandemic, an ongoing stream of challenging news and events, and a nudge back against a pressure to remain positive at all times. I have perfected the glorious eye roll with a lifetime of practice."

Imagine the tune of Heads Will Roll by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs for full effect.

Eyes Will Roll by Dani Molyneux is available exclusively via Creative Boom.

- A3 size (297x420mm)
- Exclusive to Creative Boom
- Printed on high-quality Giclée paper
- 100% carbon neutral service
- Free worldwide shipping

The artist behind the print

Renowned as a "type-twisting" graphic artist and designer, Dani Molyneux is the person behind Dotto, a creative studio based in Manchester that works with people who have something to say and want to say it loud. Through her playful type, she brings powerful messages that resonate with us all.

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The artist behind the print

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