Wanderers by Zoë Barker celebrate the joyful little interactions with strangers

Zoë Barker is an award-winning illustrator and artist based in Norwich who loves to work with lots of different materials, including watercolour, colouring pencil and pen, but always has an eye for detail. Her clients today include Harrods, Cartier and Liberty of London.

For Creative Boom, Zoë has created Wanderers, an artwork of colouring pencil on paper and a piece about the normality of wandering. "During the pandemic, I missed safely walking and regularly bumping into people," she tells us.

"I missed going to see my family and friends, but I also just missed the little interactions that make our days more colourful. The little chats with other dog walkers, the wave from someone I see every day, and the general bustle of people going about their days.

Wanderers by Zoë Barker

"Each of these little people represents a world that we get a glimpse into when we pass them by and an opportunity to be a part of when we acknowledge and engage them," Zoë adds. "Can you tell I love to chat to people in the street?"

Wanderers by Zoë Barker is available exclusively via Creative Boom. Printed on Hahnemühle Photorag Giclée fine art paper, it's available in A3 with 100% carbon-neutral printing and delivery, plus free and fast global shipping with every order.

Wanderers by Zoë Barker celebrate the joyful little interactions with strangers

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