The Home Stayer by Luis Mendo speaks to those of us who love our own space

Luis Mendo is the person behind The Home Stayer, part of our debut collection and made exclusively for Creative Boom.

The story behind this beautiful piece is likely to resonate with many of you. An illustrator based in Tokyo, Luis began a personal project during the pandemic, creating a series of covers for a fictional magazine titled The Home Stayer. His beautiful artworks remind us of a time when we stayed home to save lives. They also pay homage to everyone's favourite publication, certainly for inspiring covers, The New Yorker.

For Creative Boom, Luis has created this exclusive, one-off piece, which completes his charming series. "It was my way of saying that we were all living in the same city, called Home," Luis explains. "As a final touch on the series, which I once considered to be complete, I thought making just one more for the Creative Boom shop would be a good idea. A hard to get, very special end to the whole project. I won't make more of these."

The Home Stayer by Luis Mendo

Luis admits he was already something of a "home stayer" himself, even before the pandemic began. "I love being inside with my cat, my drawing table, my coffee, and my books," he says.

Describing his style as "positive, honest, human-centred and always trying to create atmospheres relatable to the viewer", Luis hopes his print for Creative Boom will inspire everyone to enjoy their time at home. "I also hope it will make them empathise with other humans," he adds. "Ultimately, if people buy the print and hang it on their wall, I hope it warms their heart every time they see it."

The Home Stayer by Luis Mendo is available exclusively with Creative Boom, along with our debut series of prints.

Photo credit: Alex Abian

Luis Mendo for Creative Boom. Photo credit: Alex Abian

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