New prints by leading artists on the theme of mental wellbeing

It's Mental Health Awareness Week. To mark the occasion, Creative Boom asked seven leading artists and designers to produce a bespoke art print for its online shop.

For our third drop, we've collaborated with Imogen Crossland, Murugiah, MAMIMU aka June Mineyama-Smithson, Haley Tippmann, Abbey Lossing, Fuchsia MacAree, and Jango Jim. All have answered the brief to create a piece of art that reminds us of calm and good mental health, and about the things we do to feel good. Each of their creations will only be sold in Creative Boom's shop and never elsewhere – guaranteed.

The artworks are printed in the UK and Germany on the finest art papers, using the latest print technology. And we're proud to say that all postage, cloud storage, energy and travel are 100% carbon neutral, as we've partnered with the top-rated printer in Europe with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our shop also builds on Creative Boom's mission: to celebrate, inspire and support the creative community, one we've championed since 2009. And in that light, we share half of all profits with those we collaborate with and donate 10% of our own portion to Create, the UK's leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts.

New prints by leading artists on the theme of mental wellbeing

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