Murugiah presents 'Still', an exclusive print for Creative Boom that brings calm

Murugiah is an award-winning artist and designer based in London. Born and raised in the UK with Sri Lankan heritage, Murugiah trained as an architect before choosing his current creative path, specialising in illustration, art direction, typography and design.

Describing his style as "surreal, joyful and loud at all times and unapologetic filtered through a South Asian impression", he uses bright and bold colours along with detailed compositions to bring us art that is psychedelic, explosive and out of this world. His clients and collaborators so far include Apple, Disney, Marvel, and Facebook.

For Creative Boom, Murugiah has created an exclusive print titled Still, an artwork based on the theme of self-reflection and stillness. It features Murugiah's little character called MURU, who is "taking some time out of his busy day to experience this still life while also taking an opportunity to reflect on his own stillness in the busy world he lives in," as Murugiah explains.

Still by Murugiah

Calm and stillness is something we all long for during our hectic lives. And it's a reminder for Murugiah, too: "The work I make tends to mirror what's going on in my life at the time of making it. I had recently found myself seeking meditation and downloaded an app to practice being still and calm on a daily basis. I have to admit it has been quite difficult to even carve out a small window to meditate so making this print and sharing it with the world is a reminder and keeps me some what accountable for making meditation part of my daily life."

What does he hope people will feel when they see his Still artwork? "That people will feel the need to self-reflect on allowing themselves time to be still, time to wander, time to discover the gigantic still life to marvel at in their own lives," he says.

Still by Murugiah is part of our debut collection of art prints, available exclusively with Creative Boom.

Photo credit: Jack Woodhams

Murugiah for Creative Boom. Photo credit: Jack Woodhams

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