Love Boom by Sarah Boris is a typographic tribute to our love of creativity

Sarah Boris is an award-winning artist and designer based in London. During her phenomenal career so far, she's worked with some of the world's leading publishing houses and art organisations, including Phaidon Press, The Photographers' Gallery, Tate and Barbican. Sarah notably crafted the fresh identity for the Institute of Contemporary Arts in 2010 and was behind the design for the bestselling monograph, JR: Can Art Change The World?, published by Phaidon.

For Creative Boom, she has created an exclusive graphic artwork titled Love Boom. "I envision words as sculptural totems," Sarah tells us. "This is how I created this typographic artwork where the letters connect and blend to illustrate the word love. In future, I hope it will become a sculpture that could be on permanent display in a park or grey corner of town. I wanted the colours to pop to bring joy."

Pink and red happen to be one of Sarah's favourite colour combinations. And the letters are custom made for the piece. "I studied typography and calligraphy, so it has somehow resurfaced in this artwork," she adds.

Sarah describes her style as oscillating between pop art, op art and concrete poetry. "My artworks are word-based or abstract geometry using colours and symbols at times," she adds. "My style is bright and colourful, and I like to explore endless ways of illustrating love through spelling or symbolising it. I often apply duotone lines to my art. Some of my pieces are more political, so the ones which explore love also act as a balance, and I believe offer healing and much needed positive nature."

Love Boom by Sarah Boris has been made exclusively for Creative Boom. Printed on Hahnemühle German Etching Giclée fine art paper, it's available in A3 with 100% carbon-neutral printing and delivery, plus free and fast global shipping with every order.

Photography by Lorna Allan

Love Boom by Sarah Boris is a typographic tribute to our love of creativity

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