Anniversary by Haley Tippmann reminds us to celebrate life's milestones

Haley Tippmann is an American illustrator from Rochester, New York, who currently lives and works in Koblenz, Germany. Her style has a focus on people, places and objects found around the home, often with a focus on the "mundane" aspects of our lives.

"Bold and loose", as she describes her work, with "lots of muted yet colourful tones", Haley has already attracted clients as big as The New Yorker, BBC, and TripAdvisor. She takes inspiration from the likes of David Hockney, Charley Harper, and Gauguin, and one could say her illustrations evoke feelings of calm and comforting familiar.

"I usually look through photos I’ve taken recently and sometimes mesh the people in them together to make one bigger crowd scene," Haley tells us. "Sometimes, I pick just one person from a picture and focus on that person as their own character. A lot of my illustration work is from my environment. I start by sketching on the iPad, then colour, and final outlines."

For Creative Boom, Haley has created a bespoke artwork titled Anniversary. It's an exclusive still life of objects in her studio and apartment. "First, they were all taken slightly at random. But later, I realised they all probably have meaning," Haley tells us. "The raku vase is something I made when I was 15 years old. The wedding cake topper is from my mother-in-law. And the little glass bottles and vintage knitting book are from my own mother's collection."

Anniversary by Haley Tippmann

She adds: "The plants I have had since I moved back to Germany from the United States. They grow with me as a marker. The lavender, meanwhile, is from my front yard here in Germany."

The title of the print, Anniversary, is about Haley marking a few milestones for herself. "This year was my 10th wedding anniversary, and around the time I got married I also started illustrating on the iPad," she explains. "I hope other people can connect to 'Anniversary' in some way. I hope one or more of the objects in the still life reminds them of a pleasant memory."

Anniversary by Haley Tippmann is part of our debut print collection at Creative Boom, available exclusively with us.

Haley Tippmann

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