Creativity is in All of Us by Supermundane is a celebration of art and design

Rob Lowe, aka Supermundane, is an illustrator whose work is instantly recognisable with his signature geometric drawings known for their playful use of colour, line and optical effects.

"I use geometry and words to highlight our own humanity, whether that is in a relatable way or in a way that allows people to find new things in abstract images," Rob tells us. "I think our love of shapes, line and colour, which could seem flippant in the current world, is deeply human and I’m always surprised how much a few well placed lines can make me feel."

For Creative Boom's 10th anniversary in 2019, we were honoured to welcome Rob as one of 10 artists to create a bespoke birthday print for our platform with a donation of proceeds going towards the British Heart Foundation.

Creativity is in All of Us by Supermundane

Now, as we launch a more permanent online shop, we're delighted to have Rob back, and he's kindly donating this artwork once again. Creativity Is in All of Us speaks for itself and is a celebration not only of our ongoing love of championing creative professionals everywhere but is a reminder that creativity lies at the heart of everything we do.

Speaking of the special artwork, Rob said: "I think we are born creative and, as with so many things, as we get older we are told there are right ways and wrong ways of doing things and people start to think they are not a certain way. Being creative is in so many everyday acts such as cooking, writing emails, choosing what clothes to wear, etc. Fear of failure is usually the reason people think they are not creative. Finding some joy in the act of creating, rather than concentrating on the outcome, is a way of realising that creativity is in all of us."

Rob adds: "I hope that people will take something positive from the message and be encourage to make things."

Creativity Is in All of Us by Supermundane is part of our debut series of prints at Creative Boom, available exclusively with us.

Creativity is in All of Us by Supermundane is a celebration of art and design

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